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Mapping an Emotional Arc

Last month I went to FogCon up in Walnut Creek and while I was there I participated in the Writer’s Workshop critique group. I submitted an old short story which I had had critiqued at Norwescon some time ago and rewritten. I wanted to see what a new group would …

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Norwescon 37

I had a great time at Norwescon this weekend. It was a particularly good year for excellent costumes. Sadly, I had issues with the camera I brought and so have no pictures. On Thursday night I attended a great two hour workshop on critiquing given by the Fairwood Writers. I …

Notes from Norwescon

Friday, 3pm: I have attended three panels so far. Last night I went to one comparing Big Press, Small/Independent Press and Self Publishing.  I think that the most interesting element of that panel was getting a feeling for just how fast the publishing world is changing.    The first panel this morning …