Goals for 2017

roosterIt has been a while since wrote about my New Year’s writing goals. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been setting goals and doing a pretty good job of meeting them.

My biggest personal challenge is still finding time to write. I am up to 83 rejection letters and last year I had two of my short stories, Autumn Road to Yessar and Bearskin published! I have completed all 14 stories of Idhua, however, I realized to reach my rejection rewards, I will need to replace the stories I have sold. So, I am trying to write a new short story for each one that I sell.

A top priority for this year is to get the Red Lion (working title) ready for submission and to start the learning curve of submitting novels.

Goals for 2017

  •  Start submitting Red Lion
  •  Finish semi-final draft of White Lion
  •  Have Gold Lion ready for beta readers
  •  Continue submitting short stories – hit 100 rejections.
  •  Attend Fogcon
  •  Publish two short stories
  •  Self-publish “Bearskin” on Smashwords

What goals are you setting this year?