Get Known Before the Book Deal: Book Review

Get Known Before the Book Deal coverGet Known Before the Book Deal

Christina Katz

Reader’s Digest Books (2008)

While this book is primarily geared toward non-fiction writers, I found it to be quite useful in beginning the process toward building a fantasy fiction platform. Katz has divided each idea or practical step up into a short little section which makes it much easier to digest all the information. You can read a section, decide what applies to your process, do the work and then move onto the next little bit.

The book is divided into three parts. The first is concerned with helping the author to identify what their platform might be and becoming articulate about it. This was, perhaps, the most useful section for me as it helped me to really begin to define what kind of fantasy fiction I want to be known for and how to communicate that to the world.

The second part is concerned with taking that work out into the world and beginning to get known. It offers suggestions such as joining relevant organizations, volunteering, teaching and coaching, hosting events, etc. The idea is to get known with what it is you will be writing about in mind. Again, this may be more useful to the non-fiction writer as it is easier to find organizations and teaching gigs that deal with non-fiction subjects. However, reading the sections has challenged me to try to come up with fantasy fiction related ideas – and I have succeeded to some extent.

The third section is concentrated on really developing an identity as a writer and promoting it though an online presence such as a web page and/or blog, as well as being prepared to offer such important publicity items as a head-shot or press release.

I recommend this book to any authors, fiction or otherwise, who want to begin growing their identity and recognition as an author before they are published. In addition, I think it could be also used by artists, teachers, coaches or any other creative professional who is interested in self-promotion as they grow their career